2018 Scurvy Dog
1718 Westminster St.
Providence, RI
FREE 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM We’ll be returning in 2018 for a Scurvy Dog Parking Lot show!



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And in Danbury, CT at Trash American Style
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We’re drummerless and not playing out at the moment, there has been some other news I hadn’t bothered to add. Trite Ditties and Meaningless Crap has finally made it to vinyl. It’s on Rapid Pulse Records. And last year we recorded an Unnatural Axe song for a vinyl-only double LP tribute entitled Ruling the World From the Backseat. Lawless records. Check it out

Another comp appearance, on Bouncing Betty records out of Chicago. It’s us (Hot Lunch, from the first record), Fang, Turbo AC’s, Clit 45, Lower Class Brats, Naked Aggression, Rotten Fruits, Darkbuster, Street Brats, and lots more.

We’ve finally released a new song. Only took two years. And it’s only one lousy song at that, as we’re a bunch of lazy ass drunks. The song is about the dangers of being a bunch of lazy ass drunks - it’s called “Wild Turkey Is Not A Meat”. It’s on the new Rapid Pulse Records comp, Let’s Have Some God Damn Fun! It’s full of mostly NYC bands, namely: Little Killers, Andy G and the Roller Kings, the Plungers, Some Action, the Shemps, the Swaggerts, Electric Shadows, Shop Fronts, the Yams, DC Snipers, the Stags, World War IX, the Disruptors, Weekenders, and Mob Stereo.

We just put the finishing touches on the Chaos Kitchen theme song. Chaos Kitchen is a punk rock cooking tv show that will be unleashed on local RI cable this fall. There's a screening on 7/29 at the Providence A.L.H. with Cranked Up!, the Swaggerin' Growlers, the Flash Attackes, and Witches With Dicks. Should be a good time. CLICK HERE to have a listen.

We’re a the new comp on No Front Teeth out of London, sharing CD space with the likes of Smogtown, the Skulls, Smut Peddlers, Duane Peters & the Hunns, the Ends, the Shocks, the Kickz, Sick Fits, Texas Terri, District, Jeffie Genetic and His Clones, Midnight Creeps, and a bunch more.

Jami’s playing guitar for TV Smith of the Adverts again, this time US East Coast.

2/23/05 Passaic, NJ @ Connections (18+)
2/24/05 Baltimore, MD @ the Sidebar Tavern (all ages)
2/25/05 NYC, NY @ CBGBs (16+)
2/26/05 Providence, RI @ the Living Room (all ages)
2/27/05 New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine (21+)

And there will be UK dates in May, including the Morcambe Wasted Festival.

We’re on the new Lollipop sampler. The last one had some good company like the TSOL and the Stitches. This time around the company is a bit weaker, but our good friends Some Action from NYC are on there. So if it were a party instead of an MP3 CD sampler, we’d at least have someone we know to drink with.

I don’t think there’s any danger of us being considered a very political band, but sheesh, this FCC crap has got to stop. Throw a digital stone through their window at www.stopfcc.com

Singing and guitar playing Sleazie Jami is filling in on guitar with our pals Midnight Creeps. There was going to be a US tour in April, but it has been canceled due to family health problems. The Creeps will be playing the Wasted Festival in Morecambe, UK in July, doing both a Creeps set and as TV Smith’s back-up band. A European tour with the NY Rel-X and Deadline will follow after the festival. The Creeps will be “covering” a Sleazies song, which is the closest there will be to a Sleazies European tour any time soon. We’ll post dates when we have them.

We’ve got some songs up on Mohawk Radio - they happen to be the same ones on this site, but go check out Mohawk Radio radio any way. Listen to the Skulls and the Ends if nothing else.

Gonna Operate On Myself is in its second pressing. It won’t be around forever, so if you’re the vinyl type, pick it up soon. Rapid Pulse Records

We’re doing a giveaway contest thingamagigger on interpunk. Grand prize is this cool ass “guitar deck” that our talented and handsome young drummer whipped up. By guitar deck we actually mean three quarter scale bass deck, but it’s still really cool. Especially if you’re a bass player with small fingers. Stop by www.interpunk.com and cough up your name and email address and you’re entered to win free shit. You’re welcome to buy the album while you’re at it.

Our first full-length album, TRITE DITTIES AND MEANINGLESS CRAP on Pelado Records, is coming out 1/24/04. We’re playing a couple of “record release” shows as we’re told that’s what you’re supposed to do when you put out a record. Unfortunately, by record we mean CD - thus far this is a CD-only release so sorry to all you vinyl folks. Write angry letters to Alien Snatch or somebody demanding Sleazies vinyl. The CD is available online from www.punkrockmailorder.com

The Sleazies are now a four piece. With the addition of long time Providence rock guy Pete Burr, aka Complete Blur (ex. Mother Jefferson, current Suicide Liquors, and probably a bunch more) we are now twice as bristling with guitars as we were before.

John Darga is our new bass player (ex. Wrecking Crew, Hellcats from Outer Space, Ashley von Hurter & the Haters, the Applause, Sinner’s Club, Fast Actin’ Fuses, and some others I’m forgetting)


our last night at the Met - Met Cafe RIP

more Halloween pics - thanks Tom

cheesy Halloween pics - Charlie’s Kitchen - 10/20/03

drunken mayhem - Living Room - 9/27/03


and some other stuff:

some press from the Providence Phoenix

fun little before and after thing from one of the flyers