I'm so hung over off god knows what
I've got booze and pills fillin' up my gut
I really really really don't feel that great
Gonna grab that knife and operate

I'm gonna operate on myself
I don't need nobody's help
I'm gonna operate on myself
And I don't need nobody else
I'm gonna operate all by myself

I can't pay no hospital bills
I can't pay for hospital pills
I don't need no second opinion
Gonna grab that fork and make an incision


Maybe I need me a nurse
Think I need a sponge bath
I'll tell you where it hurts
Think I need a skin graft


Fuck off doc, I won't be needin' ya
Learned brain surgery from an encyclopedia
I don't need any anesthesia
A dirty steak knife is bound to please ya


And I don't need nobody's help
And I really don't need nobody else