Behold the pogoliciously great debut single from Providence, Rhode Island’s punk superstars-to-be, the cool-as-fuck Sleazies! Fans of The Briefs will surely go bonkers for this trio’s snotty, poppy brand of extra-caffeinated punk rock. Sure, these guys have the “look”: the shades, skinny ties, spiky hair, stripes, polka dots, and goofball facial expressions that are all the rage in punk circles these days. But don’t assume they’re just fashion-conscious opportunists hopping on the Neutron Punk bandwagon. Their tunes are HOT! Not since the heyday of Sloppy Seconds has a punk band sounded as appealingly obnoxious as The Sleazies do. The group’s Dickies/Ramones style buzzsaw blitzkrieg bristles with youthful insolence and assaults the senses like bullets out of a machine gun. Singer/guitarist Jami barks like he’s possessed by a young Johnny Rotten, and the manic rhythm section floors the beat with the adrenaline-rush vigor of a warp-speed rollercoaster ride. This is what punk’s all about, man: explosive three-chord rock n’ roll that's catchy as fuck!

The bouncy “Gonna Operate On Myself” is a particularly stimulating blast of trashy, zany punk. How could you NOT love a song as instantly memorable & brilliantly stupid as this one? Believe the hype!

Mark my words: The Sleazies are gonna be HUGE. You might as well buy their debut single ASAP. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck coughing up $20 to score it on eBay a year from now.

Josh Rutledge
Now Wave

Fun, demented, sniffing glue and popping bubblegum punk rock that’s not too heavy, knows when to stop, and has that nice bounce-along quality of early Adverts and the Briefs. The following sums it up quickly: “When I’m peeing, it affects my aim / Got air pockets in my brain.” Not rocket science, but remember, stuff like this is on a knife’s edge and can easily fall into purely fucking dumb (see the last couple of Queers albums. “My cunt’s a cunt.” Please). As it stands, The Sleazies are merely mildly retarded in all the right ways.

Razorcake #15

Gotta hand it to Rapid Pulse, they sure know how to pick ‘em. Snuck a peek at the lyric sheet before putting this on the turntable and cringed at the silliness of the lyrics. Soon as the needle hit the groove, however, all my fears regarding what I was about to endure dissipated. Both tracks here are sweet sounding punk with more than just a nod toward the band’s ‘70s predecessors, particularly the Gears. Okay, I’m hooked and awaiting my next fix, preferably a full-length.

Jimmy Alvarado
Razorcake #16

From Providence, Rhode Island, a low-rent Mecca for fishnetted and safetypinned sleaze punk bands comes, fittingly enough, the Sleazies. These raucous Knox abusers play in Boston all the time, usually sandwiched between similarly snarly punk n’ rollers like the Marvels and the Spitz, which means I haven’t actually heard them until right now, because who the fuck wants to get kicked in the head- accidentally or otherwise- by some overamped 17 year old (expect maybe for another overamped 17 year old)? My loss for bein’ a pussy, I guess, because the Sleazies deliver the goods here, with two blazing snot rockets that are as close as you can get to the Sex Pistols these days without being the kinda clown that’s willing to pay 30 bucks to see a bunch of middle-aged wankers rip you off. The A-side may or may not be an homage to Carl Reiner’s famous goof on a hapless pharmacist, as read in the classic Re/Search book Pranks (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, look it up; you’ll be popping stitches all over the place), but regardless, it’s primo punk rock action with hooks, energy, and no time for a goddamn guitar solo. The b-side is decidedly more rock and fuckin’ roll, and sounds like the Dead Boys and the Dolls all at once. Bonus points for keepin’ it simple- both songs average around 2 minutes a pop, and the titles are repeated over and over for at least 1:30 on both of ‘em.

Imagine that, Sleazegrinder digs the Sleazies. With tasty razor rockers like these on deck, they made it too easy for me.


As someone who recently lost his medical insurance, I feel for these guys. Just last month I thought I had to have my tonsils removed, and I sure as hell can’t afford that, so after a few Beam and Cokes, I entertained the idea of doing it myself. That’s what you get here folks - drunken, halfassed idiocy, and i mean that in the nicest way possible. This band looks like the STITCHES (if the STITCHES sniffed glue), maybe even sounds like a catchier/poppier STITCHES (if the STITCHES sniffed rubber cement too), but I seriously don’t think they are anywhere near as braindead as the SLEAZIES, and again, I mean that in a good way. Two songs, neither really lyrically in-depth (did i mention these guys don’t seem too bright?) but they are infectious and simple enough to stick in your skull all day long.

MRR #243

Hear ye, hear ye, I think what ye think! With a name like the SLEAZIES we would all expect hackneyed, low-ball, Hollywoodacy, but instead, ye winds up with a more gutsy BRIEFS-type bag. Plus the SLEAZIES are on Rapid Pulse, and that label deserves a good band.

Horizontal Action #12

Jim sent me this right before he went on his sabbatical... THE SLEAZIES “Gonna Operate on Myself” 7" is a snotty punk/pop group from Providence, RI blast through the wall... like in those Hawaiian Punch commercials... Total 1977 punk rock. Punchy, deadly infectious to the cerebral cortex... You have all the STITCHES records, right? Well, except those records on TKO, right? Add this 45 to yr collection, or regret it later when they’re on hipster GSL or something... SLEAZIES! PUT OUT A FULL-LENGTH!... preferably not on GSL...

Saint Joseph
Blank Generation

With Rapid Pulse quickly gaining on Dirtnap on best newish record label it’s amazing that more people haven’t heard of them. Anyway, the winning streak continues with this fun little platter that reminds me of the gritty singalongs that Jon Von could come up with in his various outfits. “Operate” will definitely get ya gleefully pogoing around the room.

David H
Shredding Paper #17

Alle beweihräuchern the BRIEFS, aber hat jemand schon mal was von dieser Band gehört? Wenn nicht, solte er dies vielleicht in nächster Zeit mal nachholen. Wer auf the BRIEFS steht, wird hier bestens bedient. Ich für meinen Teil find das Trio von the Sleazies auf jeden Fall noch ‘ne ganze Ecke besser, als z.B. das letzte Album von the BRIEFS. Woran liegt das nur? Vielleicht weil the BRIEFS in jedem Zine von jedem Schreiber gelobt werden, das es schon fast wieder ein wenig nervt? Kann sein, aber the BRIEFS, nichets gegen sie, Gott bewahre, aber einige Fanzineschreiber solten sich nicht nur auf the BRIEFS versteifen, und sie für alles und jeden in den Himmel zuheben. Sicherlich, sie haben wie einst RANCID, SOCIAL DISTORTION, GREEN DAY oder TURBONEGRO ‘ne andere coole New Wave Klangwelt gestarter. Viele jüngere Bands sind da in der letzten Zeit komplett nachgezogen und haben sich an ihrem “aus alt mach neu-Stil” orientiert. Auch die Sleazies sind von the BRIEFS beeinflusst worden, da bin ich mir sicher. Doch man solte die Kirche auch mal ab und zu im Dorf lassen können, und sich weiterhin alle Türen und Toren offen lassen, damit anderen Bands weiterhin ungehindert Einlass gewährt wird. Die beiden Songs von the Sleazies gehen sofort ins ‘77er verwöhnte RealShock-Ohr und bleiben so was von hängen! Da ist er wieder, dieser spezielle satte PogoPunk-Sound, der einfach nicht tot zukriegen ist. the Sleazies sind schwer angesagt bei mir. Haben mächtig Eindruck beim ollen Real Shocker hinterlassen. the Sleazies sind die Alternative zur gegenwärtigen Gesundheitsreform. Besser beim Onkel Doc. die 10 EUR pro Quartal sparen, und dafür ca. 5 EUR für diese Single springen lassen, sich ein rostiges Küchenmesser aus der Schublade greifen und den “Gonna Operate On Myself” - Pogo tanzen. Und, meine liebe Leserschaft? Hat es genervt, so oft den Namen von the BRIEFS in nur einer Review zu lesen? Ich hoffe, der Versuch ist geglückt! Hahaha...

Ralf Real Shock
3rd Generation Nation #27